15 days of workout!


Hello lovely readers! Starting with my 15 days of lifestyles series, the first habit I thought was best to begin with is working out. Now, I need not start on explaining the benefits it offers. After watching dozens of videos and going through tons of articles, one thing is for sure – Exercising changes your life for the good.  Just to list down a few benefits:

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15 days of lifestyles

Hello everybody! I’ve been thinking how most of the teenagers have their life falling out of pedal these days (including me) and each one of us does realize it and in-spite of wanting to improve it, we somehow fail – reasons uncountable. Continue reading 15 days of lifestyles

Take a break!

Hey beautiful people! I know its been really long since I’ve put up a post and all I really have for an explanation is – I’m a college student! That pretty much speaks for itself and to be honest this is exactly the inspiration behind this post! Continue reading Take a break!

Starting the new year correctly!

Greetings everybody! Firstly, wishing every single one of you reading this, a very happy new year and I sincerely hope that 2017 will be good for all of us. In the new year, a lot of us have a lot of resolutions, and one of mine was to start a blog and hence, here I am! I did a lot of research and stuff on how to start a blog (if you want I can put up another blog post about it) and landed with this idea, I want to blog about everything. Nothing specific but just everyday teen-tantrums relating to mental health, physical health, fashion, travel, beauty, money-saving tips and DIYs! So you can expect blog posts from me relating to these things. Continue reading Starting the new year correctly!