15 days of workout!


Hello lovely readers! Starting with my 15 days of lifestyles series, the first habit I thought was best to begin with is working out. Now, I need not start on explaining the benefits it offers. After watching dozens of videos and going through tons of articles, one thing is for sure – Exercising changes your life for the good.  Just to list down a few benefits:

(1) Boosts your happiness levels!


Studies have shown, time and again, that exercise really does help with getting you in a better mood. If you’re feeling gloomy or dull, you can really see that feeling fade away post-workout!

(2) Become less susceptible to diseases.


I mean, that goes without saying, right? When you’re leading a fit body with no clogged arteries and three layers of unnecessary fat, there’s little chance to let diseases get to you easily. Know that exercise is not the only solution to a happy and healthy body (what you feed it is equally important) but you simply can’t ignore the contribution it has in leading the way!

(3) Perform better at life!


You are in a better mood, mentally and physically, so what can stop you from having an overall better life, right?

Now, this is an extremely brief list of benefits. You can always look it up on the internet and research some more. The benefits are going to blow your mind and you’re going to wonder why you haven’t made it a habit yet. And that exactly is why, ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered on this blog! To honour the good habits and let them into our lives!

Let’s start, shall we?

Day 1 :

All of my workout sessions are inspired by Pinterest and YouTube (if you want, I can start leaving the links).

When I started searching for a few combinations of different exercises, I was overwhelmed! So many videos, so may images, I could not decide on one. I thought I might best start with the area I feel needs the most attention and so I started with an abs session. Here is what I did. You can save this, screenshot this, pin this..just whatever makes it easy for you!

Inspired by : XHITDAILY on YouTube


For the cardio session, I trained on my elliptical trainer for thirty minutes on lowest resistance. Luckily I have a free and easy access to one. But if you can’t train on any machines or don’t have an access to a gym, here is a quick cardio workout for you :

Inspired by: Google research


That’s it for day one! I had a bad start to the day with unwanted events flowing in which ruined my mood completely but trust me when I say I felt better after my session! I do feel a little sore, but I’m hoping that will go away soon. Let me know how your first day went and that way we can keep each other motivated!

Psst..if you decide to click pictures to keep track of your journey, don’t forget to add the tag #15daysofmoteenvation and if you want, you can DM me about it on my Instagram! (@smreetee101 is my name)

Day 2

Today I decided to target my waist and after surfing a little too much about the most effective exercises, here is a session that I put together! Don’t forget to fill me in on how the second day went for you!

Inspired by: A lot of workout videos


For today’s cardio, I signed up for a local swimming class so I’m guessing that swimming is going to be my choice of cardio for the rest of the days but I’m not sure I’ll be able to show up there on a daily basis. Whatever the case may be, I’ll keep you guys updated! You can just follow the previous cardio routine 🙂

Psst..if you decide to click pictures to keep track of your journey, don’t forget to add the tag #15daysofmoteenvation and if you want, you can DM me about it on my Instagram! (@smreetee101 is my name)

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