Take a break!

Hey beautiful people! I know its been really long since I’ve put up a post and all I really have for an explanation is – I’m a college student! That pretty much speaks for itself and to be honest this is exactly the inspiration behind this post!

Its almost nearly July which means HALF of 2017 has already flown by, which reminds me of the resolution book I’d made up for myself way back in January, but more on that later. Last night, I went on a walk because the heat is finally starting to fade and believe me, summer is not much looked forward to by anyone in the place where I live. Hence, as soon as there was the tiniest hint of temperatures dropping last night, I popped in my earphones and went ahead to enjoy my own company. And as I was just doing that did it hit me that it was the first walk I had taken in the year so far!

Look, the thing about us is that we really get involved in what we do, that’s not a bad thing, definitely not. But if we get too wound up in it, so much that we don’t take out time to even rejoice in our company, let alone someone else’s, how is this whole thing gonna work? How is life basically gonna happen?

Bottom line, we all need a break.

Now, I know. The word ‘break’ makes all sorts of holiday images pop up in our minds, places like Hawaii, words like ‘tan’ and emotions like lighter hair have us day dreaming. And that is the pin reason why we fail of having a break.

What ‘break’ basically means, to me, is to take your mind off all the hustle-bustle everyday things for sometime and just breathe. In and out. Just breathe. No disturbing thoughts, no complications. You know why are breaks important? Because everything has a saturation point, your brain and body included. So when you don’t take a break and keep going on and on, pushing your body way further its saturation point, in easy words, its going to exhaust pretty soon. Unless you don’t do the maintenance regularly, I’m sorry mate but you won’t be living optimally.

I understand not all of us can afford to dream about partying in the Caribbean and if you’re like me, always in the middle of a financial crisis, the struggle is real (which is the actual reason why breaks are not given much thought by our community). But then how do we try to not get ourselves ‘exhausted’?

Its pretty simple, really. You don’t have to waste any time preceding the break to plan the perfect day of having a break, not days, not months. Nothing. When you get back from school or work or even if you haven’t been anywhere but feel drained, that is the time you know that you need a break. What we usually prefer on days like these, is pick up the comfiest duvets, tug under it and sleep. This is the problem, there’s only two extremes to our idea of break, fly to somewhere or become a couch potato but news flash, that doesn’t work.

So then, what does?

Here’s the thing. Put on a casual outfit, take along a friend (if you’re like me, you can totally skip this), and go for a walk. Nope, not with your phone, maybe your iPod but under no circumstances are you allowed to take your phone along. There’s always a beautiful natural sight to appreciate and relax with. Maybe its the park, or the lake or the beach. If you live anywhere near a beach, let me tell you, I am jealous! Sit there, unwind with nature and like I said, just breathe. Don’t think about what you’ve done or what you want to do. Just look around, take in the fresh air and breathe. If you’re one of those people who really love having friends along and hang out in groups and the cool kid stuff, well you guys can go on a hike, explore the beautiful places near you. Just spend time laughing and talking. And after you’ve had a good time, get back to your house, run a bath, get dressed in them lifesaver PJs, and watch a good movie or read a good book or if you’ve got stuff which can’t be procrastinated anymore, then do it. That is a break.

You know how we need to charge our cell phones because it keeps running out of battery? That is exactly the matter with our bodies as well but just because our batteries last longer, we overlook the need to charge it and resultantly it bursts up due to overheating. Don’t let this happen. All of us are blessed with the human body and I don’t see a greater blessing. Its our responsibility to take care of it. When you keep charging it regularly, the improvement in performance is going to be chiefly noticeable.

So, to wrap this up, take a break. Maybe do it right this moment! And promise yourself to never let the stress and frustration get the better of you. You can do it, do it all, if only you take a break.

Hence, take a break! Not only today, or tomorrow, or this week, or this month,

Take it everyday, wherever you can, whenever you can,

In whatever way you can.

4 thoughts on “Take a break!

  1. This is sooooooo good and totally relatable. Your expression power makes me actually feel like taking a break right this very moment


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