Starting the new year correctly!

Greetings everybody! Firstly, wishing every single one of you reading this, a very happy new year and I sincerely hope that 2017 will be good for all of us. In the new year, a lot of us have a lot of resolutions, and one of mine was to start a blog and hence, here I am! I did a lot of research and stuff on how to start a blog (if you want I can put up another blog post about it) and landed with this idea, I want to blog about everything. Nothing specific but just everyday teen-tantrums relating to mental health, physical health, fashion, travel, beauty, money-saving tips and DIYs! So you can expect blog posts from me relating to these things.

Starting with today’s post, I know a lot of you must be having a number of resolutions for the new year and the most common one, definitely being ‘to be healthy’. I know girl, the struggle is real. This has been my resolution since ages and I still haven’t been able to successfully work on it. So I wanted to change that this year and so one sleepless night, I picked up my phone and googled ‘ways to be healthy’. To save your time and efforts, I have shortlisted a few points that I gathered from my research as well as a few points of my own. Hope you find this helpful and if you do, please let me know.

Now, a lot of people relate the term ‘healthy’ or ‘being healthy’ with only physical appearance and on the basis of how well one fits into a pair of skinny jeans. Of course, physical appearance is a part of being healthy but that’s not it entirely! Mental health plays a major role as well and it is as important to pay attention to it. Below are some points to help you get healthy in this year –

(1) Get up early and spend some time with nature by going for a walk in
the nearest park and doing some cardio or yoga or anything that makes you
move. The positivity you are going to get from that is insanely amazing! You’re
going to feel good inside and out and you’re going to look forward to the day
(even if its a Monday).
(2) Be hygienic. Take a warm bath everyday, trim your nails, keep your hair
and your skin clean. Maintain a skin care routine and a hair care routine. You
are going to start admiring yourself even more.
(3) Plan out your goals. Write them down on a piece of paper and stick it
right beside your charger slot. This way, every time you turn up to charge your
phone you are going to charge your mind as well! Plan out what you really
want to become in life and if you haven’t decided that yet, now is the time! Do
it and stick by it. Goals can be short term and long term. Stop getting distracted.
Always keep in mind what you want to become and if what you’re doing is
going to help you in that or not.
(4) Prioritize things. Remember, not everything needs to be done today and
not everything can be done tomorrow.
(5) Stop the intake of things which harm your body. Yes and this does
mean cutting down on the heavily buttered bread slices with extra cheese.
Stop trashing your stomach EVERYDAY. This is something that I need to focus
on. I am not saying to stop eating pizza (because come on, pizza is life) but
cut down the habit to have it everyday. Have it once a month, alright
sometimes twice but no more than thrice! This is to start with because you
can’t jump from having junk foods everyday to only once a month. Once you
practice having it only thrice, cut it down to twice and ultimately only once. But
don’t stop eating it. Remember, you only live once so gotta have that cheese,
man! Not only foods but also stop using harsh chemicals on your skin. Use
natural things as long as possible. Applying full face of make-up everyday is not necessary. Sometimes, people argue that they need to use face masks loaded with chemicals to get clear skin. LET ME TELL YOU THIS AIN’T THE TRUTH. Not at all. You can just apply a bit of turmeric mixed with some milk and that is enough. Just Google ‘natural face masks for your-problem’ or search it on Pinterest and see for yourself! Stop torturing your skin so much.
(6) Eat more veggies and fruits. You are going to feel absolutely amazing
when you go less on unhealthy snacks and more on veggies. Remember last
evening when you finished the entire bag of Lays in one go? Yes, that’s what I
mean. Again, I don’t mean to stop eating Dorrtios and Cheetos and Frittos but
stop doing that everyday.
(7) Stay motivated. Do things that motivate you, it could be playing your
guitar or penning down your thoughts or going for a game of badminton or
simply having a nice chat about your career with your mom! You cannot stay
motivated all the time, so you have to make it a habit to work hard. Stop
standing up from that desk just every 15 minutes. Sit down and study for an
hour straight and then have a round of mirror-dancing and then sit down again.
(8) Love yourself. Isn’t that the point of all this? You have to love yourself and
no, that doesn’t mean singing love songs to yourself. It means sitting down
every night at the end of the day and talking to yourself. Patting your back for
the things you achieved and gearing up for the things you are yet to achieve.
Love yourself enough to make the choice of what’s the best for you. Love
yourself to achieve that goals and go that extra mile.
(9) Don’t care too much about everyone. Stop feeling jealous or poking
your nose in someone else’s business. Everyone has their own story. Don’t
judge people. You never know what they’re going through. Stop comparing your
life to others’. You never know what’s coming for you! Stop caring about what
they think of you because its your life and you can manage it by yourself.
Needless to say, you don’t have to prove it to anyone.
(10) Pray everyday. What better way to start and end you day with? Sit down
for a minute, join your hands together and pray. Thank God for everything that
He has given you in life and request Him to give you the strength you need to
tackle the obstacles. Stop complaining to Him about your problems, instead
start counting everything He has blessed you with. Remember, not everyone
has the privilege of using all the things that you do in your day.

That pretty much sums it up. Of course, I am not going to able to do all of these
things right from this moment but I can try incorporating one point every week
into my life and by the end of this year, I am going to be a lot healthier than
what I am and I will have achieved my goals. Small changes everyday can
make a big difference. Keeping all of these points in mind, you are going to
be a whole lot changed and a whole lot better person, inside and out. The
positivity grown in you is going to be insane. It will hurt, it will take time, it will
require dedication and willpower. You will have to make healthy decisions. It will
require sacrifice. You will need to push your body to its max. There will be
temptation. But I promise you, when you reach your goal, its all going to be
worth it. This is not a short term process, this is something I want to continue
doing my entire life. And I promise to at least try doing this.

P.S. For motivating images relating to this post, head on to my tumblr ( There I have some inspiring quotes and pictures up. I suggest you download them and set one of those images as your wallpaper. This way, you’ll never have to look too far for some motivation 😉

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